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CV. Sumber Makmur

Plat Berlubang 1 mm
Plat Berlubang 1 mm
Plat Berlubang 1 mm
Plat Berlubang 1 mm
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Plat Berlubang

Perforated metal is a metal stamping process for every metal material which includes stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, bronze, and other effective perforated plates used in many industries and applications:


Application :

food processing: sgar green,grain drying,cleaning screens,etc

industry:oi mining & petrochemichal industry,water waste,health care.

Automotif :ventilation grill,filter components, muller etc 

multimedia & communication : speaker acustics


Berikut adalah uk yg terssedia :


1mm 4'x8 lob 2 mm 

1mm 4'x8 lob 2.5 mm 

1 mm 4'x8 lob 3 mm 

1 mm 4'x8 lob 4 mm 

1 mm 4'x8' lob 5 mm

1 mm 4'x8' lob 6 mm 

1mm 4'x8' lob 8 mm

1 mm 4'x8' lob 10 mm 

1 mm 4'x8 lob 12 mm

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